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About Us

Nordic Walking, Snowshoeing & Hiking Group Classes

In 2007, the City of Ottawa offered their first Urban Poling/ Nordic Walking National Instructor's Certification Course.  The course was led by Urban Pole's Director of Education - Barb Gormley.

We, fitness instructors, were amazed at how the nordic walking technique and exercising with nordic poles provided for a fantastic full body workout, all while improving, posture, balance, strength and cardio without stressing joints.  We were so impressed that we haven't looked back since!  

Nordic WalkFit, was created by our friend and founder, Wendi Paterson in 2008, she combined our love for the outdoors, the exercise and health benefits of walking with nordic poles, and we were soon offering several urban poling/nordic walking, snowshoeing and hiking  classes throughout West Ottawa!

Our Commitment to you

Nordic Walkfit is committed to helping you live and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, maximizing the whole body and mental health benefits of exercising outdoors in a safe and social environment.

Fun, Fitness, Friends and Fresh Air!

Changing your life one step at a time.  It all starts with a single step. Let us help you make it.  

A Wide Variety of Classes

We provide many different types of classes designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and fitness levels. Classes venture out on walking paths and trails - through parks, forests and ponds in West Ottawa, Barrhaven, Kanata & Stittsville. The occasional adventure hike also takes us into the beauty of the Gatineau Hills, Calabogie or near Ottawa provincial parks.

Nordic walking, also called Urban Poling has grown in popularity. It has become Canada's newest fitness craze - and for obvious reasons. It's fun, safe and easy to learn. It's suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, from the occasional walker who enjoys a walk in the outdoors, to the elite athlete performing cross country training.

The aerobic and strength building benefits of nordic walking/urban poling are well documented. Participants receive a full body workout. During execution many major muscles are used, such as your chest, arms, back, shoulders, abdominals, legs and glutes. Health benefits include, improved circulation, coordination, balance, agility, improved posture, and weight loss. Did you know that nordic walking burns from 20% - 46% more calories than walking without poles!

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit greatly from nordic walking. It is an activity that is rewarding on many levels. In addition to the wonderful health benefits, nordic walking also promotes a healthy social atmosphere and provides an opportunity to walk with friends and meet new ones - all this while walking in the great outdoors, hiking new trails/paths and getting fit. What could be better!

Isn't it exciting to know that something so simple can be so effective!  

People Nordic Walking
People snowshoeing
Photo of Nordic Walkfit members on a walk
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