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Learn "How to  Nordic Walk" properly!

At the start of every season, we provide our community the opportunity to attend “Learn How to Nordic Walk” clinics

Our public clinics are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and will provide you with a great practical experience under the instruction of one of our certified urban poling/nordic walking instructors. Clinic locations are held within parks in the Kanata, Stittsville, West Nepean or Barrhaven areas.

Three pillars of modern nordic walking: correct posture, correct walking, correct pole technique

What you will learn:

  • Many health benefits and a little history about nordic pole walking

  • Important quality and design features to look for in poles prior to purchasing a set

  • Proper pole adjustment for your height and set up

  • Proper form and nordic walking technique for improving posture, balance and strength

  • Where you can purchase quality nordic poles in Ottawa

  • Various stretch and strength exercises you can also do with nordic poles

  • Nordic WalkFit’s Fitness Club and Seasonal Outdoor Fitness Programs

Poles are provided at our clinics for you to try or you can bring your own.

Cost to attend one of our scheduled public seasonal clinics is $20 per person. Capacity per clinic is 15 people.

Should you decide to also join one of our Nordic WalkFit classes and programs, the cost of attending the clinic will be included with your class registration (thus making the clinic cost free).

We also provide private lessons!  Ask us about scheduling a private lesson with one of our certified fitness instructors !

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