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At Home Fitness

Three Great Options for Keeping Fit at Home
in between Outdoor Workouts!

Want safe, fun, great and regular exercise that will

motivate you to get your daily steps and movement in

without the hassle of getting yourself to a gym,

or have to go out in bad weather?  

If yes, check out these great on-line and local fitness trainers and consider signing up with :

1) TopRock Wellness Club -

2) Barb Gormley's CustomFit -

3) Chris Freytag & Get Healthy U -


OPTION 1: Nadine's weekly 

Step, Sweat & Sculpt virtual Live Fitness classes

from the comfort of your home!

LIVE Zoom Classes Every

Monday @ 5:00PM (60 min class)

Wednesday @ 5:15PM (60 min class)

or Thursdays @ 9:15AM (45 min class)

Nadine is a certified fitness instructor with

TopRock Wellness Club.

Nordic WalkFit clients can join TopRock's Wellness & Online Fitness Club at a discounted rate of only $30/month ($20 off the I Am Motivated Plan - regular $50/month) and provides you full access to over 20 live and recorded

online fitness classes.  

Contact Nadine for more information and promo code.  


Step, Sweat & Sculpt at home instructor Nadine Imbleau

About Nadine's Step, Sweat & Sculpt Fitness Classes

Join Nadine for this 5,000+ Step Workout with poles and/or hand weights that will get you moving to uplifting and motivating music to help energize and keep you fit and healthy. By taking the movement of indoor nordic walking and adding a few more fun steps into the mix, you can get the steps you need along with the energy coaching!

During this 5,000+ Step workout you’ll be walking (stepping) at approximately 5km per hour pace and moving for about 45-60 minutes. Amazing! 


Indoor nordic walking or stepping is the base move for this workout -but be ready because there is so much more! You’ll step side to side, kick front, back, side to side, glute squeezes, do knee lifts, arm circles, standing core exercises, squats and so much more. The more you move, the more you burn, improve full mobility, strengthen your core and full body all while keeping everything LOW IMPACT! There is no harsh pounding on your joints. So let’s get moving and stepping together to great motivating music and have some fun along the way!

If you do not have poles, no problem, you can also follow along without poles or ramp it up using some light hand weights instead.

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