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Nordic Walking/Urban Poling

Join us for Fun, Fitness, Friends and Fresh Air throughout parks and wooded trails in West Ottawa.

(Kanata/Stittsville/ Carp/ West Nepean and Barrhaven).


Enjoy a safe and social environment outdoors while maximizing

your health and well being!

Nordic Walkfit members on a walk

We organize classes throughout all four seasons for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Winter session classes (snowshoeing) run for 10 weeks from early January to mid-March.

Spring session classes (nordic walking) run 10 weeks from mid-April to end-June.

Summer session classes (nordic walking/hiking) run for 6-8 weeks from early July to end August.

Fall session classes (nordic walking/hiking) run for 10 weeks from early September to mid-November.

Class Locations

Our weekly class locations take place in various parks, pathways and wooded trails throughout the west end of Ottawa (Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, NCC Greenbelt, Nepean and Barrhaven).   We also regularly plan hike adventures to provincial parks and nature reserves in East Ontario/West Quebec.

Once registered with our club, you will start receiving a weekly e-mail, issued every Sunday, with our weekly class schedule and locations for the following week. Class locations change from week to week, allowing our members to discover and enjoy the many beautiful parks and conservation areas we have throughout West Ottawa in any given season, all while getting fit and reaping the many health benefits of exercising in nature.

Our nordic walking and outdoor fitness club is a fun way to get out, enjoy great exercise with experienced class leaders, and meet new friends!

Learn all the extensive health benefits from nordic walking.

Go to Register Now for class schedule, dates, times and pricing.

A minimum of Six (6) registered participants is required per class for the class to go ahead for the season. Instructor to participant ratio is a maximum of 1:15 participants.

Person nordic walking
Person nordic walking
Nordic Walkfit leader nordic walking
Nordic Walkfit leader nordic walking

Class Descriptions

  • A Certified Urban Poling Instructor, also certified in First Aid/CPR & AED, some instructors are also Certified Personal Trainers

  • A safe, friendly and motivating environment

  • Instructions and cueing of proper form and technique

  • An over-all body workout including cardio, muscular strengthening, balance, core & flexibility

  • Balance exercises – dynamic, static & functional

  • Flexibility and mobility exercise – dynamic and static

  • Wide variety of classical stretches including some gentle yoga and essentrics

  • Wellness/nutrition tips

  • Class locations are planned at a variety of pathways, trails, forests, ponds and parks throughout Ottawa West

  • 10% member discount from Bushtukah

  • Meet new friends, have fun and stay motivated !

Nordic Walkfit instructor
Nordic Walkfit Instructor

Gentle Beginner

Gentle/Beginner - Under 4 kms

This class is for anyone with physical/health limitations and in need of walking at a slower pace to gently improve & strengthen their overall fitness. The session will begin with a full review, function, use and care of urban poles. Each walk begins with dynamic stretches, followed by approximately 30-40 minutes of gentle Nordic walking interspersed with breaks for balance and strength training exercises and finishing with static stretches. Participants must be able to walk 3 kms in 60 minutes.


For “Fit” Beginner/Intermediate ~ 4 - 5 kms

This 60 minute class is for individuals new to Nordic walking and/or interested in learning the proper form and technique of nordic walking while on the move. This class will provide a full review, function, use and care of urban poles, along with a brisk paced walking class that will help you burn fat by working at a “steady state” with balance exercises and dynamic/static stretches at start and end of class. Participants must be able to walk 4 kms in 60 minutes.


Intermediate/Advanced ~  5 - 8kms

This 75  - 90 minute Nordic walking class offers an innovative combination of briskly paced walks with strength exercises targeted to help tone arms, legs, buttocks and core with a variety of speeds, poling action and the use of equipment. This class is 75% nordic walking and 25% strength and stretch exercises. This class will offer you a great workout for overall health and fitness! Participants must be able to walk 5 kms in 60 minutes.


Advanced - Hiking Adventures  10 -20kms

A  two+ hour hiking fitness class outing for fit individuals looking to further develop their aerobic fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility and experience a hiking challenge! This class adventures to more technical trails and mountain terrain for building overall body strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Class outings teach safe hiking practices, "Leave No Trace" principles, along with proper stretching pre and post hike for muscle recovery and injury prevention. (Must be able to walk 5kms in 60 minutes)

Preparing for a class

Things to Consider when Preparing for a Class

  • Take time to make sure you know the map & directions to your scheduled class walk location.

  • Plan to arrive 10 -15 minutes before class start to check in with your Class Leader/Instructor, get your poles and equipment properly adjusted for the walk.

  • If you are attending an evening class between October and March when the daylight hours are shorter, please think safety and wear a head lamp and light coloured clothes or reflective gear.

What to Wear or Bring

  • We recommend that you come dressed for the weather - rain or shine!  Dress in layers - sweat wicking base layer, warm mid layer (fleece or light down or wool), water repellent outer jacket.

  • A class will only be cancelled in case of weather warnings and inclement weather forecasted for a scheduled class time, such as Thunder, Lightning, heavy rain or winds, extreme heat or cold.

  • Wear comfortable sweat wicking clothing and a good pair of walking/running or hiking shoes.

  • We recommend you also bring a water bottle, fanny or light back pack, hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, any medications.

  • (optional) bring along your pedometer/smart watch to count your steps.

  • (optional) bring along your heart rate monitor (measures the hearts working intensity).

  • (optional) GPS (measures distance and speed).

  • Fit Bit –Measures distance, counts steps, stairs, calories burned and some models also include your heart rate.

  • (optional) snacks for energy.

Benefits to Nordic Walking

Enjoy Company

Exercising with a partner, family and/or friends!  It is well proven when we exercise with a group and/or with friends on a regular basis, we are far more likely to maintain a regular exercise routine and active lifestyle.

Burn More Calories

Full Body Workout

Researchers at the Cooper Institute found that Nordic walking burns 20% - 46% more calories than regular walking. On average, 400-500 calories per hour. A recent research study has shown that, among healthy people aged 60 and over, the amount of energy used and the heart rate level were on average 40% higher with Nordic walking compared to normal walking .

The aerobic and strength building benefits of nordic walking are well documented. Participants receive a full body workout. During execution many major muscles are used, arms, back, shoulders, abdominals, legs, heart, lungs and the mind. Research has shown that nordic walking can better improve an individual’s health, fitness and general well-being than walking.

Image showing proper posture when Nordic Walking

Strengthens Spine and Reduces Back Pain

Nordic walking strengthens the spine and reduces back pain by increasing spine mobility.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Effective nordic walking releases muscle tension and pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

Take the Load off of your Joints

Walking with poles reduces the load on knees, heel strike force, hips and ankles.
"For anyone with restrictions or complaints of the spine, hip joints, knees or ankles, nordic walking provides relief" (International Nordic Walking Association).

Helps Combat the effects of Osteoporosis

Nordic walking strengthens the bones of the lower and upper body thus helping to combat the effects of osteoporosis.

Easier to Maintain

The effort of the upper body controls the intensity of the workout. Because of this, it is possible to walk at the same speed as other members of the group while at the same time exercising at your own intensity level. This makes Nordic walking more enjoyable and you more likely to stick to your exercise programme.

Ideal for Cross Training and Off Season Sports Training

Nordic walking is an ideal cross-training or off season sport fitness activity. It involves a high level of muscular activity and heart rate - yet a a lowered rate of perceived exertion. This means that you can work at a higher intensity for longer periods of time than traditional training techniques.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Because nordic walking engages many major body systems, the heart rate can be considerably higher than from just walking. It offers a higher intensity workout that increases your heart rate by 5 to 17 beats per minute.

Relieves Stress and Promotes a Sense of Well Being

Nordic walking is a great way to relieve stress. It is fun, and simple to do. You can work at a low or high intensity.

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