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If you enjoy the outdoors and love to hike you'll love this!  

Snowshoe Nordic Walkfit is the perfect workout! It's a combination of nordic walking
, hiking and snowshoeing. It's the best way to get physically fit during the winter months, explore new trails, off trails, meet new friends and feel winter fly by!

Class Locations

Snowshoe tracks in snow

Our weekly class locations take place in various parks, pathways and wooded trails throughout the west end of Ottawa (Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, NCC Greenbelt, Nepean and Barrhaven).   We also regularly plan hike adventures to provincial parks and nature reserves in East Ontario/West Quebec.

Once registered with our club, you will start receiving a weekly e-mail, issued every Sunday, with our weekly class schedule and locations for the following week. Class locations change from week to week, allowing our members to discover and enjoy the many beautiful parks and conservation areas we have throughout West Ottawa in any given season, all while getting fit and reaping the many health benefits of exercising in nature.

Our nordic walking and outdoor fitness club is a fun way to get out, enjoy great exercise outings lead by experienced class leader fitness instructors, and meet new friends!

Learn all the extensive health benefits from Snowshoeing.

Go to Register Now for class schedule, dates, times and pricing.

People snowshoeing

Snowshoe Class Descriptions

  • All Instructors are Nationally Certified Urban Poling/Nordic Walking Instructors and have current First Aid/CPR/AED training

  • The Instructors who are also certified personal trainers have current certifications with ACE, YMCA/YWCA and /or Can Fit Pro

  • A safe, friendly and motivating group lesson environment

  • Warm-up snowshoeing or stationary movements to get the blood circulating and help warm the body in cooler temperatures

  • Instructions and cueing of proper form and technique

  • An all over body workout including cardio, muscular strengthening, balance, core & flexibility

  • Variety of trails, forests, ponds and parks both on and off trail

  • Meet new friends, have fun and stay motivated all winter!

Person snowshoeing
Person snowshoeing


This 60 minute Nordic Walkfit snowshoe class is a great way to stay fit during the winter and enjoy our beautiful scenic forests. You will improve your cardiorespiratory system, balance, muscular strength and flexibility. We will keep you warm and challenged with on & off trail work and a variety of terrain. This class is for 'Fit' individuals learning how or starting to snowshoe with little to no physical/health limitations.


This 90 minute Nordic Walkfit snowshoe class offers a healthy mix of stimulating, challenging intervals and exercises to make this class a lot of fun! The use of our nordic walking poles help to add assistance in deep snow and on hilly terrain. They also increase the aerobic/cardio component as well as improve core strength & posture. This class is perfect for individuals who are intermediate to advanced in fitness level and enjoy a challenging workout exploring a variety of terrain.

Hazardous Weather Conditions & Cancellations

In case of hazardous weather conditions ie freezing rain, extreme cold or blizzards, check your email at least 1 hour before class start time for any cancellation notices. We will try our best to offer make-up classes the following day so please check emails for times and dates

Preparing for a class

Make sure you 'try out' your equipment at least 2 to 3x's before coming to your first class.

You may notice that different boots may fit your snowshoes better than others so make sure you're prepared. This greatly reduces class hold ups, disappointments and unwanted surprises!

Things to Consider when Preparing for a Class

  • Take time to make sure you know the map & directions to your scheduled class walk location.

  • Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class start to allow time to adjust your poles and snowshoes.

  • It is important we begin our classes on time in colder weather.

  • If you are attending an evening class, please think safety and wear a head lamp and light coloured clothes or reflective gear

What to Wear or Bring

  • Snowshoes

  • Nordic Walking poles

  • Sunglasses/Goggles - protect your eyes from blowing snow/ice, branches and extreme cold.

  • Water in pouch/pocket or backpack. hint: water may freeze in container depending on temperature. If temp is really cold, pour hot water inside your container.

  • *Optional - Sunglasses, sunscreen, light snack, medications/puffers (if required), kleenex, extra dry clothes etc.

Dress in Layers

  • Base layer – Inexpensive synthetic materials, merino wool, silk, micro knitted fleece can all help wick perspiration away from your body.  They are breathable so you won’t be building up heat inside once you’re moving. Try to keep the base layer tighter fitting and not loose or bulky. Avoid cotton as this absorbs perspiration and can cause you to chill quickly.

  • Mid layer – thermal, light weight fleece, sweater or ski vest etc that is warm, insulating, comfortable. The layer that would keep you warm if you took your outter jacket off in a lodge.

  • Outer layer – wind proof, water repellent and warm.

  • Hat - Holds in 50% of your body heat.

  • Mitts - are generally warmer than gloves. If you're prone to cold hands, try putting 'Hot shots' or similar items inside your mitts. These can help keep your hands cozy in frosty weather.

  • Gaitors - are like sleeves worn between ankle and knees to protect snow from entering boots and helps to keep the lower leg dry.

Benefits to Snowshoeing

With the use of snowshoes, the nordic walking technique, participants have the best of both worlds. According to the Cooper Institute, Nordic walking activates 1800 abdominal contractions and 900 upper back contractions in a mile.

Snowshoeing activates the hip flexors and quadricep muscles while lifting the boot, snowshoe and snow with each step. It also activates glutes and hamstrings during ascents and quadriceps on descents. Together the workout burns an additional 400 to 600 calories more than just plain walking.

Add a back pack with your favorite energy snack and water and you've got the perfect workout. There are no hidden gym fees, no waiting for machines just scenery and fresh air!

People snowshoeing

Speed / Calories

Declan Connolly, professor of Sports and Physical Education at University of Vermont says that snowshoeing on packed snow going at a rate of just 6km/hr will give you the same exercise heart rate as walking on a treadmill at 9km/hr ( keep in mind that packed snow is much easier to walk on than fresh snow). Therefore a person weighing 170 lbs snowshoeing at 6km/hr will burn 960 cal/hr. compare this with cycling at 20km/hr burns 612 cal/hr.


Relieves Stress and Promotes a Sense of Well Being!

Nordic walking, snowshoeing and hiking are great ways to relieve stress.  Loads of fun, simple to learn and do, with many health benefits. You can work at your pace - from low to high intensity.

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